Education, health, economy, environment… We have compared the programs of the candidates

Slipping one’s ballot into the ballot box is voting for a personality. For a trip, a party, a vision. And above all, for a program. Yes, but here you are, you could not follow all the meetings or all the television debates because you are not a political journalist. And the electoral propaganda? It’s still locked in your mailbox (which itself is locked).

Of course, as a faithful reader of 20 minutes, you have already tried our Cevipof-Sciences Po compass several times, which allows you to know which candidate best fits your ideas. But you tell yourself that a little reminder wouldn’t hurt anyway. Just to be sure. Good thing, 20 Minutes has been looking at the candidates’ programs for several weeks.

health proposals

Hospital. The Covid-19 crisis is not over yet, but the public hospital did not wait for the pandemic to hit it. Training and remuneration of caregivers, reopening of beds, strengthening of bridges between public and private… Each of the candidates is aware of the limits of the current system. But if the diagnosis is shared, the remedies are different, as we have explained here.

Nursing homes. The other strong issue in health is, of course, the Orpea case and the future of nursing homes. Have the candidates sufficiently grasped the issue of old age? What measures do you propose to offer a decent day to day to our elders? Do you want to improve the working conditions of the staff? Avoid deviations? We answer it there.

medical deserts. They return to every presidential election. And 2022 was no exception. A problem that, furthermore, should only grow with the aging of the population, the persistent lack of general practitioners and the chronic diseases that will be more and more frequent in the coming years. How to cure it? Here are the responses from the candidates.

Early childhood. Difficult to find a place in the debates between the Ukraine war, Covid-19 or the McKinsey affair. However, there are things to be said about Early Childhood and ways to improve it. Increase in paternity leave and the number of childcare places, reduction of taxes for all families from the first child… Who plans what?

Education Proposals

The teachers. It is a profession to be appreciated by the candidates, because their future is of interest to the parents of the students. What do the candidates for the highest position propose for teachers? If there is a consensus to increase wages, some want to condition them. The left leans on hiring, when others want to review the assignment of teachers. Without forgetting the issue of training where, once again, the candidates are far from agreeing. To get an idea, it’s here.

Elementary school. Let’s go to the other side of the class, to see the proposals that concern young students (and that will interest parents even more). Reform of the school calendar, support measures, focus on discipline, reduction in class size… The candidates have been busy, but they are not sure that everyone has a good grade. You are the judge of this.

The students. At the other end of the school career, the problems are equally numerous. How to uncover the faculties? Should we bury Parcoursup? How to act on tuition fees or accommodation for students? Particularly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, this age group has high expectations. But which candidate will be able to fill them?

Proposals on the Economy

The purchasing power. The left wants to go through the minimum wage, the right through social charges. Everyone is facing rampant inflation and rising energy prices, consequences of the war in Ukraine and the Covid-19 pandemic. But who has the right formula to improve the purchasing power of the French, one of the great themes of the campaign? Here are your proposals.

Youth. Talking to young people is talking about money. A strong bet to limit their abstention. New this year: although traditionally it is the left-wing parties that make social proposals, this time everyone is involved. Young RSA, citizen income, commitment contract, universal employment contract, each has its own more or less new idea. The other levers to act? Scholarships, taxation or specific aid. We run the programs here.

Food sovereignty. Another consequence of the last two years, the combination of the Covid-19 crisis and the Russian invasion of Ukraine: food sovereignty fuels the debate. Regaining autonomy is fine, but how is it done? We must bet on local production, but also accentuate protectionism, propose some candidates. Without forgetting to help the main stakeholders: farmers and ranchers. A vast project that divides the aspirants to the Elysee.

proposals on the environment

The energy transition. It is everywhere, but in what proportion exactly in the programs? Your comparison shows many divisions. Nuclear, wind, rehabilitation of buildings, place of the car in cities, there is no consensus. The only exception: the electric turn that the car takes. To get an idea, click here.

The Biodiversity. A burning debate, that of hunting, comes up again and again, with its pros and cons. But biodiversity issues, and the proposals that go with them, are much broader than that. We are talking about the artificialization of soils, forestry, the use of pesticides or animal protection. Topics that not all candidates tackled on their own.

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