Do you need a helping hand to reduce your ecological impact? Discover Green Classes Le Kaba

On, there were already comparisons, advice, tutorials and explanations to help consumers adopt green gestures and new, more ecological products in their daily lives. To accompany them even better, The recently released Kaba “Les Classes Vertes”, video workshops to discover green gestures and take action. Why being advised and encouraged is essential to the success of your green transition? How can Le Kaba support you? and finally that preferential rates can you benefit? The answers to all your questions!

Being a responsible consumer can be learned!

The IPCC reports are categorical. In 5 years, the planet has experienced unprecedented warming that is already disrupting and much more disrupting the conditions of life on earth. It is urgent to take action! Statewide, corporate of course, but it is also possible to promote individual changes to reduce their environmental impact.

Where to start? How to limit food packaging at home, adopt a diet with less meat, buy second-hand instead of new? Which labels to trust? How to detect green washing? It is not always easy to act because we are drowning in more or less reliable information.

To help you, Le Kaba, an information and recommendation site dedicated to responsible consumption, now offers eco-responsibility training.

Kaba launches online training to help the French adopt ecological gestures

To support people in their ecological transition, the Le Kaba team has developed a training course that combines an online workshop and challenges to do at home. The objective of this course: to allow participants to discover new eco-gestures and integrate them, step by step, into their daily lives. Because changing your habits is not easy and requires a little time and encouragement!

The specificity of Les Classes Vertes is to provide very specific solutions on a wide range of issues in everyday life: how to recycle batteries, how to reduce meat consumption without getting frustrated, where to buy second-hand clothes, what are the aids to buy a bicycle electrical,…

The organizers of the Green Classes, experts in responsible consumptionit can even recommend brands and products, on the hundreds of topics already covered by Le Kaba in its buying guide section.

Delivered primarily by video, by Caroline Vivant and Claire-Anne Coriat, the two founders of the site lekaba.fror by experienced facilitators in ecological transition, these training sessions will help participants to become aware of their individual impact, to identify the appropriate actions to reduce their environmental footprint and, above all, to take action.

4 training formulas to suit everyone’s needs

With the introductory offer, benefit from reduced rates on the 4 formulas :

  • The Challenges formula at €10 instead of €15
  • The Workshop formula at €20 instead of €25
  • The Challenges + Workshop formula at €30 instead of €35
  • The Coaching formula at €50

The Green Classes are available in 4 formulas, so that everyone can find the option that best suits their needs and their level of commitment to a greener lifestyle.

The challenge formula it starts with youn personalized diagnosis. then you receive one challenge per week, send by email. After some information and key figures on environmental issues, you discover your challenge for the week. Accessible to everyone, and very often fun, this challenge helps you profoundly transform your daily life, step by step.

The formula of the online workshop consists of a 1h30 video workshop Become an eco-responsible consumer », in small groups of 10/15 people maximum. The first part of the discussion is dedicated to the presentation of 30 green gestures and the constitution of your personal action plan. It continues with 30 minutes of questions and answers with an expert in responsible consumption. You leave with concrete advice to transform your daily life.

The formula Challenges + Online Workshopas its name suggests, it offers you to start with a Workshop before completing all 10 Challenges.

At the end, the coach’s formula It is the most complete since it allows you to have a personalized diagnosis of the actions that you already have integrated into your day to day and those that you could still start. Then you continue with a Workshop, then the Challenges. Halfway through the Challenges, you have a telephone conversation with a member of the Le Kaba team to take stock and ask all your questions.

as a bonus, For each of the 4 formulas, the participants have a unlimited access to private Facebook group “Les Classes Vertes du Kaba” to exchange with other participants on the move and dialogue with experts and members of the Kaba team.

You will also receive a practical guide with the first 30 eco-gestures and tips to implement them sustainably.

Take advantage of the Discovery offers!

Thanks to Le Kaba Green Class, your daily life will change… for the better! Not only will you effectively reduce your environmental impact to protect the planet, but you will also find daily wellness and adopt a lifestyle more aligned with your values.

With the introductory offer, benefit from reduced rates on all 4 formulas! At the time of purchase, use the promotional code LEPARISIEN to have €5 reduction.

With this promo code, these are the prices you benefit from:

  • The Challenges formula at €10 instead of €15
  • The Workshop formula at €20 instead of €25
  • The Challenges + Workshop formula at €30 instead of €35
  • The Coaching formula at €50 instead of €55

Offering a Green Class is possible!

Want to convince a friend to go a little “green”? Pampering a loved one who aspires to a more ecological daily life? Or simply to make an original gift? Offer a gift voucher for Les Classes Vertes Le Kaba. Go to the site in the “Gift card” section. Simply click to give the contact details of the chosen person and leave a personalized note. The Kaba takes care of the rest!

To try the adventure right now, go to the Le Kaba website.

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