the twenty bars of Valérie Pécresse

Livio Ferrero

Here are the 30 key measures in Valérie Pécresse’s program for the 2022 presidential election.

Public policies: retirement at 65, exemption from inheritance tax and fewer civil servants

Social security benefits:

What’s next after this announcement?

  • Reestablish the universality of family allowances and childcare supplements for families. Deductions for double taxation for families to favor the reconciliation of work and family life. Extension of parental leave until the child turns 18 in case of school difficulties or health problems.
  • The RSA must give rise to a counterpart of activity of general interest: every week 15 hours of activity in the company. It rejects the young RSA, but creates a “young income of 670 euros, but that will only be used for young people who will be trained full time, in the professions that are hired.”
  • Create a subsidy for the first child of €900 per year, which will be paid to all parents who have a child up to the age of 18, and which will be added to the premium for fostering small children (the Page). Also increase the allowance for a second child by 20%, increasing it from €1,595 to €1,900 per year.


What’s next after this announcement?

  • Increase the teaching of French by 2 hours per week in primary school, and mathematics by one hour per week. Introduce a sixth grade entrance exam, not to block their entrance to university, but to create sixth grade consolidation classes.
  • Diversify hiring and encourage second careers in teaching by creating 5-year educational broadcasting contracts, which will put an end to the precariousness of temporary teaching staff (which today represents up to 10 or 15% of the workforce in certain academies). And regionalize the hiring of teachers at the CAPES level and the management of their careers to end the paradox of the current situation, where the Ministry of Education continues to send young teachers, despite themselves, to the most difficult establishments.

Public function and taxation:

  • Objective: elimination of 150,000 jobs in the administration. Eliminate in five years 10% of the “managing administration”, that is, the officials who manage rules and procedures, refocusing the State on its essential functions: education, care. Refocus public power on its three priority missions -protect, educate and treat- for which 50,000 additional jobs will be generated. In 10 years, reduce the debt to more bearable proportions, towards 100% of GDP. Rethink the 3% public deficit rule at the community level, discounting spending related to defense and the energy transition to combine good management of public finances and the ability to make future investments.
  • Create a carbon tax at the borders of the Union to protect against social and environmental dumping.
  • Sell ​​all minority state-shareholder holdings: €15 billion in privatization proceeds by 2027.


What’s next after this announcement?

What’s next after this announcement?

  • Prohibition of the use of the veil for public service assistants. Continue to allow veils to be worn in college, fight men who force their wives to wear veils. Ban the burkini in the municipal swimming pool.


  • Start the pension reform by ensuring a minimum pension equivalent to the SMIC (that is, an increase of 25%). Retirement at age 65 from 2030.

Health :

  • Recruit 25,000 additional caregivers in 5 years in the public hospital.


  • €6,000 offer to help buy a clean vehicle. Stop producing thermal cars by 2035 and develop charging stations and French industrial sectors for the production of all electric modes of transport.

A business life organized by branches, ecology will still have to support nuclear energy

Employment and economy:

  • Continuation of the unemployment insurance reform, increasing the degressivity of benefits, at 6 months, to encourage return to work or earlier training (for all employees under 50 years of age paid more than 2 SMIC).
  • End 35 hours and liberalize working time. Now it will be negotiated by branch or by company to adapt to the new forms of work (teleworking, etc.), to the needs of the companies and the expectations of the employees: it will be possible to arrange the permanence in 35 hours or adopt new schedules. In the absence of an agreement, the working day will be 39 hours, which will be paid for 39 hours, that is, 11% more than 35 hours, and ensuring that no worker loses out.

Farming :

  • Tax imports that do not meet French standards. Reduce the impact of market fluctuations on farmers’ incomes, in particular by developing the use of insurance. Increase agricultural pensions.


  • Decarbonise transport: 2035 target for all new vehicles to be fossil fuel free, not just cars, but also trucks, coaches, buses, trains, two-wheelers, boats, small planes (and 50% sustainable biofuels on larger aircraft).
  • Reinvest in nuclear energy, renovate our facilities, take on the industrial challenge of EPRs, consider the path of small modular reactors. Promote investments in nuclear safety as well as an irreproachable control and transparency policy. Relaunch technological projects that will limit nuclear waste and store it. Propose a decision to Parliament on the landfill, which has been awaited for so many years, after so much public debate. Use nuclear energy to create green hydrogen.

Immigration: less social assistance for foreigners, establishment of “coup brigades”

Immigration and Security:

  • Constitutional law to establish a chosen immigration with quotas by trades and by country. To urge the States that today refuse to issue consular safe-conducts for the return of their illegal nationals residing in France to do so by denouncing, after a period of 6 months, the bilateral agreements on immigration that link France with these countries and suspending the issuance of entry visas.
  • Eliminate social assistance to illegal immigrants, redirect state medical assistance to emergency medicine, link obtaining a residence permit to proficiency in French: 600 hours of class with compulsory exam.
  • Set up hit squads in sensitive neighborhoods which are lawless areas with more police, cyber police, gendarmes, soldiers, tax squad etc. Expel for threat to public order all foreigners whose behavior is framed in radical Islamism and who are registered in the anti-terrorist files. Close any mosque where a preacher delivers a speech hostile to France and the values ​​of the Republic. Put in place detention measures to keep radicalized terrorists locked up after their prison sentences, amending the Constitution if necessary.

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