Presidential 2022: the candidates, the environment and biodiversity


“I will massively lower taxes on diesel, gasoline, gas, fuel oil, electricity,” promises the candidate of the national rally, announcing a rate from 20% to 5.5%. “Why punish the French? It is not for the French to pay for the faults of others! “. Marine Le Pen wants to achieve the objectives of the Paris agreements by freeing herself from the “irrational commitments” that already exist.

The candidate does not put urgency in the current climate crisis, she limits herself to the “urgency” of breaking with “an ecology misguided by climate terrorism that endangers the planet, national independence and, even more, the standard of living of French”.

The candidate of the National Group proposes a program radically contrary to wind and solar energy. He also proposes a moratorium to “gradually decommission existing wind farms.” Marine Le Pen is committed to a reactivation of the nuclear sector that she describes as an “absolute priority” to guarantee energy independence, while she is committed to hydroelectricity and the hydrogen sector. She promises the launch of six new generation reactors, of the EPR type.

The RN candidate compares the importance of coal and oil in the industrial age with the social and territorial technological innovation of today.

On the agriculture side, Marine Le Pen advocates a “policy of patriotism” supporting short circuits and protecting farmers and industries from unfair competition. However, these notions are never related to environmental issues. The program does not target any measures related to the decarbonisation of industry in order to actually reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The candidate does not position herself on the issue of financing local authorities, to support the ecological transition. Unlike 2017, Marine Le Pen does not address the issue from a European perspective either, except to contradict the “Green Deal imposed by the European Union”.

Greenpeace denounces a campaign related to “greenwashing” by specifying that the candidate does not attack “the structural causes of the ecological and climate crisis.” According to the NGO, the representative of the RN does not offer solutions that are up to the challenges “of regulating polluting companies and transforming polluting sectors such as agriculture and transport.” The candidate does not position herself on the preservation of biodiversity and the seabed or on the fight against deforestation.

Regarding the animal cause, Marine Le Pen validates 58% of the measures of the letter of animal commitments proposed by the 29 animal protection NGOs. Marine Le Pen is particularly committed to promoting the use of non-animal models during experiments, guaranteeing the transparency of ethics committees, but does not wish to guarantee the right to conscientious objection for dissection during studies. It is committed against the mistreatment of animals, and in particular that of cetaceans, but it does not want to prohibit bullfights or cockfights, nor the forms of training of wild animals in front of the public. Marine Le Pen is in no way opposed to hunting, but wants to remove endangered species from the list of game animals and reform the list of so-called vermin.


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