March Podcast Audiences: France Culture and RMC at their highest, Nagui returns to the top 10

Podcast listening and downloading rebounded again in March. After a mediocre February, Médiamétrie announces a historic March on the occasion of the publication of the podcast market figures. For the first time, the 200 million mark was surpassed to reach 202 million (+27 million in one month). In France alone, 155 million podcasts in French have been listened to or downloaded.

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As a reminder, Médiamétrie counts all audio content heard directly via streaming or downloaded from most listening media. The flags are set using a so-called “site-centric” technology with a tag embedded in the download link, which does not affect the users’ listening experience. Filtering is done every month to exclude abusive downloads.

“Heads” in shape, “After football” at the top

Against this euphoric backdrop, RTL’s “Les grosses têtes” experienced its second best performance of the season with 18.7 million views, ahead of RMC’s “L’after foot” which hit a record high with 17.7 million views. pairs of ears On the last step of the podium, “Hondelatte Cuenta”, which has seen better months, remains for the second consecutive month below the bar of 10 million views and downloads, but is up compared to February.

Season record also for Adèle Van Reeth’s “Les chemins de la philosophie” at France Culture (5.95 million), “Super Moscato Show” at RMC (4.98 million, historical record), “Les Nuits de France Culture” (4.93 million) or “Franck Ferrand counts” on Radio Classique (3.54 million). It is at the bottom of the ranking that the only change of the month appears since “The original band” presented by Nagui at France Inter, hunts down its RMC rival “Les grandes gueules”, to find the 9th place that was held by the last January. . . With a season record there too, for a total of 3.80 million podcast contents.

Top 10 Podcasts of March 2022*

1. RTL / “The big heads” (18,669,000)
2. RMC / “After Soccer” (17,701,000)
3. Europe 1 / “Hondelatte counts” (9,890,000)
4. France Inter / “By Jupiter!” (7,471,000)**
5. France Culture / “The Paths of Philosophy” (5,954,000)
6. France Inter / “Sensitive Matters” (5,650,000)
7. RMC / “Super Moscato Show” (4,976,000)
8. Culture of France / “Nights of Culture of France” (4,931,000)
9. France Inter / “The Soundtrack” (3,802,000)***
10. Radio Classique / “Franck Ferrand counts” (3,543,000)

As for podcast publishers, no change in position is noticeable this month with France Inter maintaining a clear lead at the top of the top 10. No less than six stations record their listening and download records since the start of the school year. including France Culture and RMC, at a historic level with 43.0 million and 32.7 million podcast content, respectively.

Top 10 Podcast Publishers in March 2022*

1. France Inter (50,505,000)
2. France Culture (43,059,000)
3.RTL (32,701,000)
4.RMC (32,208,000)
5. Europe 1 (16,995,000)
6. franceinfo (6,292,000)****
7. Classic Radio (4,217,000)
8. Televisions of France (3,602,000)*****
9.BFM Business (2,008,000)
10. France Music (1,512,000)

* number of views and/or downloads
** excluding “Le moment Meurice”, which appears at number 14 in March
*** excluding “Tanguy Pastureau mistreats information”

**** Listening to podcasts on the franceinfo and France Bleu sites and apps is still partially measured
***** The podcasts of the 1st (the overseas portal) are not included in the scope of application of the measure

Source: Médiamétrie – Measurement eStat Podcast – March 2022

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