Health professionals in Chartres hospitals demand better working conditions and a salary increase

Caregivers, ASH (hospital services agents), nurses, technical staff of the Chartres hospitals met, this Thursday, April 7, at the beginning of the afternoon, in front of the Hôtel-dieu de Chartres, at the call of the CGT.
These professionals have wanted to take advantage of this World Health Day, to remember “the deterioration of health establishments in Chartres and France”.

fewer beds

Despite the two years of pandemic that revealed the extent of the needs of the health system, Vincent Perichon, caregiver but also CGT union representative, continues to deplore “the closure of beds de facto reducing health professionals”.

A disappointment that the Ségur de la santé is far from having calmed, leaving too many professionals excluded, in their eyes. “Even today, these staff of social and medico-social establishments do not always benefit from the €183”, Vincent Perichon is outraged.

The staff of the Vernouillet medical-educational support system demonstrates in Dreux to obtain the Ségur bonus

Notice of strike from March 2

National grievances added to more local issues. Since March 2, a notice of strike has been presented in the gerontology center of the Chartres hospitals where the working conditions are indicated. “Permanent lack of personnel, management pressure on the scarce personnel, flagrant lack of equipment…”, cites the union disorder.
This has other consequences: “Staff are disappointed in their care of residents. Sometimes he has the feeling of having been mistreated…”

An appreciation for all

However, Vincent Perichon underlines a step forward: meetings are now established “to improve the day-to-day life of professionals and residents” with the general management.

At the national level, these professionals, mobilized this afternoon, ask for a revaluation of the index point frozen for years, as well as a global revaluation of all trades and not reserved for certain bodies. “We have all been affected by the crisis, caregivers and non-caregivers, without these personnel (technical, administrative), the hospital does not work either! »


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