Google Maps: the next big update will change everything

news hardware Google Maps: the next big update will change everything

Whether you have an iPhone or an Android smartphone, the Google Maps app is likely already on your home screen. Regardless of what we think of Google, we have to admit that it is one of the most enjoyable daily GPS apps. Good news: it tends to get even more practical in no time!

Google Maps: big changes planned for the next update

This Tuesday, April 5, the American giant Google took the floor. If you are already thinking about your road trip this summer, you will love the announcements that have been made. Why ? Simply because most of them refer to car trips.

So, in no time at all, here’s what’s coming to Google Maps:

  • toll prices will be displayed for the first time.
  • Traffic signals (traffic lights, stop signs, etc.) can also be indicated on the screen.
  • More generally, Google map will be more detailed. We talk here about the care given to the outlines of the buildings, but also about the different areas of interest placed on the map.
  • For people on IOS, Google Maps comes to Apple Watch and it will be compatible with Siri within a few months.

These changes are quite revolutionary for people who travel regularly. With them, Google’s goal clearly seems to increase the pressure on Waze, Maps or other ultra-popular GPS.

The big improvement of Google Maps is coming soon

You may not realize it, but this update changes the way people will be able to use Google Maps. Currently, the Maps application is used more by city dwellers looking for a street than by people driving. A deficit for the American giant that has always had the ambition to fit into daily life of the entire world.

Tomorrow, when you have to make a long trip, to know what is more worthwhile between taking the highway or the national roads, the natural thing will be to open Google Maps. The app will not only tell you the time difference, but also part of the price difference between the two possible routes. In a world where the price of fuel is through the roof, all the data must be taken into account.

Once the app is open, it will seem like a no-brainer to stay on it for the entire ride. Smart.

That’s all very well, but when is it? And good… we don’t have a date. Google has announced that the display of tolls will be implemented first in 4 countries: the United States (obviously), India, Japan and Indonesia. For Europe… nothing.

As for the rest of the news, they will be there in the coming weeks. The blur is even greater. As with tolls, initially only certain countries will be entitled to these new features. Which one ? Google didn’t say anything else.

A priori, this great update should take a few months to arrive with us. From experience, this is what happens when certain countries are entitled to exclusive features. Especially when they are so big.

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