Economy. Jean-Pierre Foucault, SFR, Laeticia Hallyday… Fiscal adjustments multiply

As the 2021 tax return campaign opens today, several celebrities and large companies have already had to pay in recent weeks as part of a tax adjustment. This procedure takes place after a tax inspection carried out by the tax authorities on a taxpayer in order to correct the tax base of the latter when errors or omissions have been made.

In 2021, the State had recovered 10.7 billion euros after tax audits. A brief summary of criminals who have been caught in recent weeks.

1/ Jean-Pierre Foucault

TF1 star presenter Jean-Pierre Foucault must pay €365,000 in extra taxes, reveal Gotham City and Capital. Why ? Because Jean-Pierre Foucault should have paid wealth tax between 2011 and 2017. But the presenter used various strategies to avoid it, in particular the use of the Dutreil pact that reduces the ISF by 75% if the person agrees to transmit his assets and that the activity of the transferred company is commercial (in this case, its company Parasol Production). This was not the case according to the tax authorities, who then imposed an adjustment of €365,394 on the host.

Jean-Pierre Foucault challenged this tax adjustment before the Paris court, then before the Court of Appeal, but was dismissed in both cases. “Mr. Foucault does not prove that the assets destined for commercial activity would represent more than 50% of his gross assets,” the Court of Appeals stated in its decision.

2/ SFR

SFR breaks records in tax recovery. In total, the Treasury claimed 830 million euros from the operator, indicates Capital. In 2021, SFR suffered a tax adjustment of 420 million euros in income tax between the years 2017 and 2019 and VAT between 2017 and 2018. The telephone operator took particular advantage of the fact that it offered its customers a package of newspapers to use the reduced VAT on the press. In total, SFR was able to earn at least €420 million during the months it used this strategy. Thanks to its success, SFR was followed by Orange, Bouygues Télécom and Canal Plus before the tax authorities stepped in and launched tax adjustments.

3/ Laeticia Hallyday

Johnny Hallyday’s widow, Laeticia Hallyday, will also have to pay a tax adjustment. At the end of March, the Council of State established a tax regularization of 471,780 euros on the profits from Johnny’s 2009-2010 “Alto ahi” tour.

According to Capital, these profits would have been paid successively to three companies, before being donated to Johnny. The tax authorities believe that these were “tax-free loans” made “without reason” and at “particularly advantageous” rates, which were never declared or repaid. During his lifetime, Johnny Hallyday questioned this recovery, and it was Laeticia who recovered the procedure after his death. After a decision in her favor in 2021, the Council of State has just turned against her and therefore she will have to foot the bill.

4/ Half part

The same disappointment for Médiapart, since the Council of State rejected its appeal against a fiscal adjustment on March 30. Mediapart challenged a penalty amounting to 1.4 million euros that it had been ordered to pay in 2020, within the framework of a tax adjustment. Médiapart had to pay this tax adjustment, amounting to 3.3 million euros, for having applied a reduced rate of VAT reserved for the printed press, between 2008 and 2014, when the newspaper is exclusively digital.

5/ Julia Vignali

Actress, presenter and columnist Julia Vignali also seems to have faced the wrath of the tax collector. In mid-February, on the set of Télématin, she had ironically declared during a discussion about taxes that: “for a fiscal adjustment, we always manage to have our interlocutor. I know, I have one right now and I’m very happy.” The driver, however, did not elaborate on the subject.

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