“The digital revolution has pushed us to establish a culture of agility” (Serge Magdeleine, Crédit Agricole Alpes Provence)

The sector is doing well, our clients are doing better, with fewer bankruptcies “. After two tense years, the recovery seems to confirm – like several economic data – that it is underway, and very underway.

But in this context, knowing how to be present and close is what counts. As Serge Magdeleine reminds us. And the managing director of Crédit Agricole Alpes Provence recalls that ” we are not a branch or regional address of a Parisian bank. It is a bank with its own board of directors and 2,300 employees employed in Bouches-du-Rhône, Vaucluse and Hautes-Alpes. “. With a cooperative banking model. ” 100% of investment and credit decisions are made locally, in the territory, neither in Paris, nor in New York, nor in another capital. And we keep 85% of our results to inject them in support of the territory. “. So much for the reminder of the fundamentals.

Crédit Agricole, which not only supports companies in the agricultural world -although that is how it all started- but more broadly to all types of companies – this segment also accounts for 50% of the bank’s turnover, that is, 200 million euros . ” We support all entrepreneurs, from creation to transmission, from the small craftsman who creates his shop with a loan of honor to the multinational with a turnover of several billion euros and with which we finance foreign growth or international flows. “.

On the borders of different disciplines

On the subject of agriculture despite everything, Serge Magdeleine explains how the bank supports the sector, being present in good times and bad -such as episodes of frost that always have serious consequences- but also being a kind of incentive to help the sector with the ecological transition. This is, in particular, the meaning of the call for projects launched with start-ups, whose objective is to bring to light innovations at the service of the ecological transition of the territories.

I have acquired the conviction that the great disruptions in this area are located at the borders of the different disciplines. Together, an agronomist and a data scientist create a new crop that uses less water. Together, a farmer who suffered from the drought and the geeks create Ombrea, this nugget of the territory that creates smart shadow houses “.

Go (even) faster in innovation

Another stir, that caused by digital technology, is necessarily a central point in the strategy of any banking institution. ” We have been hit by this digital revolution », recognizes Serge Magdeleine. ” There is an acceleration in the implementation of innovation by digital banks. To create a new innovative product, in Crédit Agricole as in traditional banks, it takes 12 months, a few months for online banks and a few weeks for fintech “.

Added to this is a change in behavior, because since Covid, “ 2/3 of our clients no longer come to the branch. So we are forced to change everything. This pushed us to establish the culture of agility. “.

Innovation that also concerns difficult neighborhoods and this is one of the objectives of the Marseille en Grand Plan that Emmanuel Macron wants, that of helping to create companies in these neighborhoods where good ideas are not lacking. The Top 20 Club, of which Crédit Agricole Alpes Provence is a member, has decided to contribute to the construction through a “Live my life”, advising and also dedicating billing.

Innovation that is also what defines thecamp, a project supported by the bank from the beginning. the camp that never found its model or its cruising speed, the death of its founder a few days before the inauguration, then the crisis for having mishandled the planned strategic plan. But the field, which also raises acquisition projects, currently under study, which shows, underlines Serge Magdeleine, ” all the vitality of the territory “.

And when we talk about the bank of tomorrow, the managing director of Crédit Agricole Alpes Provence believes that it is ” the bank that evolves with its customers. If customers evolve in their way of consuming, of apprehending the bank and we are able to support them, then this is the bank of tomorrow “.

An economic actor every week

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