Ibai challenges Kameto to a boxing match.

It seems that Spain’s defeat in the Pixel War left its mark on Ibai’s side, as the latter publicly challenged Kameto to a boxing match.

It definitely looks like the petty rivalry between Ibai and Kameto isn’t going to end anytime soon.

After the first League of Legends exhibition matches that saw the light of day in early 2022 to introduce Ibai’s new esports team, KOI, against the new Karmine Corp composition with the 113 recruit, Rekkles and Hantera, the two streamers went headlong. head-to-head via Pixel Wars on Reddit.

For several days, the Spanish community led by Ibai declared an unprecedented digital war against the French.

Seeking the support of the Americans in particular, the Spanish were finally totally annihilated by the French, who were led with an iron fist by General Kameto.

And the day after this defeat, Ibai, who still does not seem to have digested this humiliation, decided to challenge Kameto in a boxing match through his direct on the occasion of his next event scheduled for 2023.

Twitter: Kammeto

The next step in the rivalry between Kameto and Ibai could very well be a boxing match.

Ibai challenges Kameto to a boxing match.

Boxing is no stranger to the famous Spanish streamer Ibai. Last year, during their La Velada Del Año event, famous Youtubers like Reven, The Millor, Future, Bullfighter, Mister Jägger and By Viruzz faced each other in three boxing matches.

This event had a great impact on social networks and had also been very popular in Spain and throughout the world, reaching a peak of 1,502,295 spectators.

And on the occasion of his next event that should take place in 2023, Ibai has decided to change from organizer to fighter, and he wants his opponent to be Kameto.

In a clip that has circulated on social media, Ibai publicly challenges Kameto to a boxing match in 2023.

Quickly reaching the ears of the main stakeholder, this challenge launched by Ibai clearly did not bother the CEO of Karmine Corp.

“But I’ll turn it on, brother… Tell him I’m from Corbeilles, 91. I’ve got a crazy flat tire.”

Surprised by this challenge, Kameto did not really take this matter seriously and even declared that he wanted to face it.”morning” not wanting to wait until 2023 while laughing.

Although at the moment, we don’t know if Ibai really wants to challenge Kameto in a boxing match, in the optics where such a fight actually happens, the CEO of Blue Wall will surely be able to count on his friend. morgan Sheet, MMA fighter evolving into Cage Warriors in the featherweight category in order to better prepare him for this matchup.

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