Dordogne. An app to measure your impact on the environment

The We Are The Drops project has benefited from the support of Premieres NA and the French Tech Périgord-Valley. (© We Are The Drops / Successful Périgord)

Developed by asteroid Since the beginning of 2016, We Are The Drops is a web application project whose objective is to encourage environmentally friendly behavior. Its operation is that of a social network with the features of a mobile application.

The app allows to size his daily savings for the planet in CO2, water, oil, electricity and ecological footprint and shares his tips to protect the planet. All with a lot of pedagogy and humor.

through consumption more responsibleThe user of this web application, which is aimed at both individuals and professionals, sees their individual savings but also those accumulated with their families.

Winner of the second Sustainable Development Trophies

At the origin of this project, winner of the second Sustainable Development Awardstherefore, it allows you to measure your efforts on a daily basis, but also to share your own ideas.

The impacts of the user of We Are The Drops on their environmental savings are estimated according to five indicators :

  • Water : amount of water saved (expressed in litres) through the “Waves”.
  • GHG : amount of greenhouse gases saved (expressed in grams of CO2 equivalent) through Waves.
  • Electricity : amount of electricity saved (in kW).
  • Petroleum : amount of oil saved (in litres) through the “Waves”.
  • Ecological footprint : area of ​​forest that would have been necessary to absorb greenhouse gases (in m2) through the “Waves”.

Each user is free to make a daily commitment in the “Waves”. You can plan and update them periodically. You are also free to withdraw from it at any time.

You can also propose your own actions to the entire community (members registered on the site). To do this, you need to fill out an input form and then click on the “splash” feature to share your action.

Videos: currently on Actu

For the designers of We Are The Drops, it’s not about telling people “what to do”, but about giving them the ability to share their personal advice with loved ones while measuring its importance.

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